Berber Comb

Since the handle is smaller than the handle of ordinary barber combs a female hairdresser with a small hand can use this comb easily. The teeth are not rounded, it has an acute design which makes it easier to penetrate the hair. This comb was designed to be held by two ways. Has the function “Gradation Pitch” which allows a combing with the same tension from handle to the top. Perfect for use with scissors. Great for even shorter scissors over comb haircut. The Comb has grooves on both side of spine for right-handers and left-handers. Grooves are an extraction of gap between teeth, this allows stylist to lead the hair in the desired direction. This Comb with
teeth in diagonal does not leave mark on the hair. The teeth’s angle is 11.25 degrees.
The thickness of the comb is 2 mm over the entire length.