Y.S. PARK Professional

Y.S. PARK Professional

- Speedy, Easy, Precisely –
In 1987, Young Soo Park founded Y.S.PARK Professional in Tokyo after opening his salon in Daikanyama, Tokyo in 1980. As of today, while Mr. Park is working as a stylist at his salon weekly, he is developing and planning hair cosmetic products, either salon tools through his own experiences and researches with ideas from our salon as “user= creator.”

The improvement of fundamental design and function of beauty products has been hardly ever considered since many beauty products used nowadays had been created thousands of years ago. In fact, a comb was discovered as the oldest tool by archaeologists. The design of the comb was well refined and considered dating back to 5,000 years ago in Persia. According to this, it has been assumed that the shape and function of the comb had already been completed and cannot be refined any further.

We, Y.S.PARK develop our own concept and design from the beginning, and constantly research all aspects of the field to maintain our originality. All of Y.S.PARK products are produced and designed by our own experience of being a user, creator and sales rep.

At present, Y.S.PARK is known as a comprehensive cosmetic tool company and our products are supported by top stylists around the world.

Manufacturing with ideas from our salon “User= Creator.”
In the past, each tool was usually developed and customized by users. However, after the Industrial Revolution in the UK, there is obvious distinction appeared between manufacturer and user. We aim to return to the original concept of how people used to develop their own tools to create the best user-friendly products for any stylists and to set our corporation concept “User= Creator.” Y.S.PARK is one of the unique company in the world as we produce both hair cosmetics and salon tools based on the research of beauty salon skills at our own salon. Applying this advantage, we produce easy to use products enhancing the linkage of the whole Y.S.PARK products, and designing the function to create any hairstyles people want.

Save the Earth
“Make people beautiful, be gentle to people and the earth.”

We are pursuing the maximum result by minimizing the use of resources based on our corporation concept “Make people beautiful, be gentle to people and the earth.” We contribute to environmental issue by optimizing salon facilities, hair cosmetics and beauty salon tools, which enables time savings and resource conservation.